PontiNonSoloMusica: jazz, prog e classic rock in Novellara

Novellara is a typical and well known smalltown in the county of Reggio Emilia.
Not so far from the Po river, its name is due to the constant fog persistance, during winter, with the suggestive landscape that reminds to a bluesy athmosphere, similar to the one you can find in the south Mississippi area.
Nebbia in Emilia

Nebbia in Emilia

Music always sounded throught the streets of Novellara, since the “Nubilaria Big Band” beginnings, till the more recent “Novellara Blues Festival”. Novellara is also well know as the city of the Nomadi’s band and their unforgotten singer Augusto Daolio.
Un poster dei Nomadi

Un poster dei Nomadi

If you want to know Nomadi’s music and you want to visit Novellara, being music lovers like us, don’t forget “Pontinonsolomusica” record shop.
Marcello Ponti, great music lover and vinyl collector is the owner of this amazing record (and not just records!) shop.
A true miracle! Record shops maniacs will find here not just a place to find good music and records, news and classics, but also a meeting place for collectors and music lovers.


A warm and confortable situation with everything about collectibles and not just music: lots of vinyls and cds, of course (everybody will find something from 10 to 25 euros) but also comics, posters,gadgets, box sets and memorabilia.
A large space is reserved to the Novellara Nomadi band.
Angolo ascolto cd

Angolo ascolto cd

Musicpostcards credit

Musicpostcards credit

Various Special Editions or Limited Editions, that Marcello will find for you, even the more recents.

A space reserved to the local rocker, Luciano Ligabue, is available.
Several good deals on collector’s and used stuff: we’ve found here the entire collection of Grateful Dead LPs! Moreover some 180gg reissues of classical albums like the debut of Comus (very rare!) or the famous Free’s “Fire and Water”.
If you are looking for vintage stuff, something very rare and valuable…no problem! Marcello is a real hound and a great expert! He’s gonna find everything in a very short time!
Recently we discovered many news and rarities in the prog and jazz sectors...(Marcello is a prog rock lover).
L'interno del negozio, MP Credit
A place to visit, to be absolutely known, even just for the emotion that only a real record shop can give you, far away from the coldness of the department stores or the cheapness of a digital download, in the colorful Novellara, an old smalltown to discover and love.

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Author: Marco Parmiggiani

Musicista attivo dal ’97 nella band novellarese dei “Rufus Party” e da tempi più recenti presente anche nell’organico di “Stoop” e “Grande Orquestra de la Muerte”. All’attivo anche collaborazioni in studio con Omar Pedrini (Timoria), Mao (già Mao e la Rivoluzione). E’ un grande collezionista di vinili, compilations funky e soul e quando può, si rilassa suonando la sua pedal steel _____________________________________________________________________ Rufus Party's guitarist since 1997, recently He's playing with STOOP (indie band) and 'La Grande Orquestra de la Muerte' . He has collaborated with the famous italian rock artist Omar Pedrini (Timoria) and the singer Mao (Mao e La Rivoluzione). He' s a great vinyl and funky & soul music collector; when he's at home, he likes to relaxing by playing his pedal steel guitar

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